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Our Priorities

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This will be two documents – one is the large pdf and one a summary pdf. There will be a need for a little summary on the page.  This will link with advocacy priorities under advocacy – still trying to work out how best to show this.

"We want our residents and future residents to aim high..."




Connectivity is a challenge for the North. Current and continuing population growth has implications for continued congestion which is severe in comparison to other regions of Melbourne and increasing public transport demand is placing pressure on the existing systems.


Large time spent travelling to the CBD has social and health implications and limited ability to move across suburbs results in long commutes. Connected population leads to greater access to jobs and services. 

Our advocacy focuses on:

Priority access to the North in the construction of Suburban Rail Loop 

Expanding and improving public transport including heavy and light rail and bus services

A Northern Roads Package to ease congestion caused by rapid population growth and improve connection to employment hubs

Fast-tracking development of the Beveridge Intermodal Freight Hub to best connect future industry hubs at Melbourne Airport and the Food and Beverage Hub

Fast-tracking the development of the Outer Metropolitan Ring Road Business Case



Unprecedented population growth combined with major economic and social challenges for global and local economies continue to have a significant impact on Melbourne’s North. It is imperative that new opportunities for business and employment growth are identified and nurtured. 

A City Deal for Melbourne’s North could deliver:

Investment in Epping Export Hub

Opportunities for the Latrobe National Employment and Innovation Cluster

Access to High Speed Broadband

Nature and Arts Tourism industry development

Support for Entrepreneurs and Innovation

Development of Skills Hubs




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Our advocacy focuses on:

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Melbourne’s North is characterised by diversity, including in socio-economic, health and educational indicators. Our region has of disadvantage that deserve to be addressed and increased investment has the potential to influence these indicators in a positive way. Population Growth will also increase need for hospital and social services into the future, paving the way for expansion of jobs in the health sector to meet the needs of our growing and diverse community. 

A City Deal for Melbourne’s North could:

Establish connections to our environment and culture

Build Health Service Hubs and expansion of health service needs

Equal access to education at primary, secondary, vocational and tertiary levels including provision for specialist education.  


Challenges and opportunities

Regional Challenges

Focus of a City Deal

Investment Opportunities

  • Congestion on arterial roads

  • Inadequate public transport

  • Connectivity to jobs and access to services

  • Infrastructure to unlock land identified for major employment and housing




  • Outer Metropolitan Ring Road

  • North-East Link complimentary projects

  • Airport Rail Link

  • Arterial Roads Package

  • Light and Heavy Rail

  • Beveridge Intermodal Freight Terminal

  • Suburban Rail Loop

  • Unemployment rates higher than state average

  • Workforce requirements as the economy evolves


Jobs Business Growth


  • La Trobe NEIC

  • Food and Beverage Hub

  • Melbourne Airport development

  • Business Incubators

  • Arts and Nature Tourism

  • High Speed Broadband

  • Skills Hubs

  • Entrepreneurs and Innovation

  • Health and wellbeing indicators below state average 

  • Providing housing and community facilities for growing and diverse populations


Resilient Communities


  • Regional trails Strategy

  • Health service hubs

  • Equal access to education

  • Urban renewal in priority areas

  • Focus on growth areas

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