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"All these actions need to be collaborative and ongoing if our region is to continue to grow and provide opportunities for communities and businesses." NCA Launch 2023


Advocacy Priorities

As the Northern Councils Alliance, we advocate for projects that will improve services for our residents and businesses.

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Advocacy Priorities Summary


NCA Launch - 2023

In October 2023, the NCA was proud to launch the NCA's Community Electric Vehicle Transition Plan and transport priorities.

NCA advocacy video - Connectivity 

Watch a virtual demonstration of our need for greater transport connectivity, ensuring access to employment, education and health. 

Melbourne's north

A strongly performing Melbourne’s north will have significant flow-on effects for neighbouring regions and those further afield. Ongoing investment in freight and transport infrastructure will positively impact national productivity. 

Our community

Melbourne’s north is growing and changing. Our region comprises over one million people, with Victorian Government data indicating that this will expand to just under 1.5 million in less than 17 years. A total of 60 per cent of our population are of working age.

Melbourne’s north also produces $40 billion worth of goods and services every year and growing by 4.7 percent annually. 

This demonstrates that any transformational investment now will support our long-term needs. 

We want healthy, vibrant communities, made up of people who have every chance to achieve their education, career and lifestyle goals. 

We want our current and future residents to aim high. And we want them to know that world-class education, a range of careers and safe, affordable, inclusive communities are either right on their doorstep or easy to access. 

We want to celebrate our diversity as one of our greatest strengths. 

Within the high-density inner city developments, established green wedge suburbs and new fast-growing residential areas on Melbourne’s outskirts live people from a vast array of cultures and backgrounds, offering a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Building on the momentum of government priorities

Our vision for Melbourne’s north is based on identified priorities. 

We are advocating for long-term transformational projects beyond infrastructure. Within our communities there are pockets of disadvantage along with limited employment access and choice. We are working collectively with service providers to identify efficiencies, share service delivery and improve local capacity and resilience.

We are able to draw on our combined resources, experience and local knowledge to take action. Our goal is to fast-track initiatives being considered by federal and state governments and to identify projects that will support the future needs of our community. 


In the news

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North and West Melbourne City Deal Plan

The North and West Melbourne City Deal Plan is a blueprint for the region to respond to the impacts of the pandemic in the immediate and medium-term, and to reform our economy for the future.

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