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Our Priorities

"We continue to develop an evidence base that will underpin our advocacy work"

Transport connectivity and access


Connectivity is a challenge for the North. Current and continuing population growth has implications for continued congestion which is severe in comparison to other regions of Melbourne and increasing public transport demand is placing pressure on the existing systems.


Large time spent travelling to the CBD has social and health implications and limited ability to move across suburbs results in long commutes. Connected population leads to greater access to jobs and services. 

Reports and Resources


Community Electric Vehicles Transition Plan 

The report 

Advocacy position

NCA response to report recommendations

Northern Region Transport Strategy (NRTS)

The report 

Executive Summary 

Northern Region Transport Study - Bus Network

The report

Executive Summary

Bus Network report - Better Bus Connections Fact Sheets

Melbourne Airport fact sheet

La Trobe University fact sheet

Suburban Rail Loop Pack 

Suburban Rail Loop fact sheet 

Release of Northern Region Transport Study and Bus Networking Reports

Media Release 

Summary of reports and NCA response

Northern Trails 2022

Advocacy Position 


Melbourne’s North is characterised by diversity, including in socio-economic, health and educational indicators. Our region has of disadvantage that deserve to be addressed and increased investment has the potential to influence these indicators in a positive way. Population Growth will also increase need for hospital and social services into the future, paving the way for expansion of jobs in the health sector to meet the needs of our growing and diverse community. 


Community wellbeing across Melbourne's north

A Greener North Advocacy Position 

Gender Equity and Ending Family Violence advocacy position.

Mental health and wellbeing advocacy position 

Community health and wellbeing


Unprecedented population growth combined with major economic and social challenges for global and local economies continue to have a significant impact on Melbourne’s North. It is imperative that new opportunities for business and employment growth are identified and nurtured. 



Melbourne's north Investment Attraction Strategy and Prospectus 

Media Release

Melbourne's North Investment Prospectus 

Melbourne's North Investment Attraction Strategy

Inclusive Employment Program

Advocacy position 

Affordable Housing for key workers

Advocacy position

Background information

Melbourne's north: an economic narrative

Jobs and skills growth



Contemporary regional planning increasingly focuses on establishing cooperative relationships among local government and other stakeholders to collaborate on complex challenges.

Regional Collaboration
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